2K Sport House

Our studio welcomes you in the heart of Bucharest, with a hospitable environment and everything you need to train efficient.

Yes… you really have no excuse!

2k Sport House
– Icoanei 96A, 2nd district, Bucharest –

2K Sport House exterior 3-002-min

We are in the hart of Bucharest, 15 minutes walking distance from Romana Square or 10 minutes from Stefan cel Mare metro station.
We offer both parking spots (many enough not to loose time with parking), and the possibility to use public transportation (or event your feet)

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2K Sport House exterior 6-001-min
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2k Sport House does not have a classical reception, everything is cozy and familiar.

So, most probably Razvan will welcome you.

The locker rooms (women and men) are suited with showers, hairdryers and lockers.

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Enjoy yourself!

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