Trainings and prices

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2K Basic

2 weekly classes

1 Edition 100€
8 classes
3 Editions 250€
24 Classes
6 Editions 480€
48 Classes

2K Full

3 weekly classes

1 Edition 130€
8 classes
3 Editions 340€
24 Classes
6 Editions 625€
48 Classes

One edition of classes at 2K Sport House

Prices and trainings
  • 1 Basic Training– learning the appropriate technique for exercises is very important both from the perspective of the training efficiency and achieving targets, and also for avoiding injury for bones, muscles, joints and wrists
  • 1 private coaching session with Razvan (upon request)
  • 1 motivational speech on sport topics
  • Outdoor training (April – October): running training, right running technique, fitness objective settings and help on achievement (half-marathons, marathons, choosing gear,
  • Access 2K Sport House community
  • 2 extra classes – recovery of skipped classes


We use body training techniques. To be precise, exercises combine basic moves (genuflections, flotations, fusions, abs) in a smart way in order to develop an dynamic and powerful training. These exercise mix is derived from physical preparation of many Olympic sports: Judo, Athletics and team sports.

The main benefit is that you get both cardio and strength in the same training. The training system is developed in order for the body to adapt to the effort level, building up resistance, coordination, mobility and strength.

Training varies from one class to another. Trainng exercises along 4 weeks (1 Edition) are: Tabata, Circuit Training, Interval Training, Cardio Training.

Program antrenamente

Monday – Thursday from 19:00 and 20:00

Tuesday & Thursday from 8:00

Pair training days
Monday and Wednesday, Tuesday and Thursday



Circuit Training

Circuit Training

Interval Training

Interval Training

Cardio Training

Cardio Training

2K Sport Familie

Training mommies

We know what means to be a mother! To wish to be healthy and in good shape for you and for your baby. To be among other mommies who have similar challenges and happiness.

Therefore, in order to provide a safe space adapted to this particular period of your life, we created a mommies class, with adapted schedule and suitable training mix.

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