Corporate services

Instead of comming to us with the whole team, it’s better let us know and we’ll come to you.

Well-Being programs

Healthy and dynamic employees are more efficient, more productive, they work with pleasure and reach better performance.
We can support your business by ensuring the well-being of your team.

Sport talks

– How to make time for sport
– How to avoid injury
– How to choose the right equipment
– How to stay motivated
– How to keep active on holiday

Moving Bio-mechanics

– Upper body bio-mechanics
– Abdomen bio-mechanics
– Legs bio-mechanics
– Negative/ Positive breathing

Sport activities

– Running
– Team bicycling
– Mountain hikes
– Group or individual challenges
– Sport competitions

Healthy nutrition

– How to eat smart
– Super food
– Competition nutrition
– How you make a healthy diet
– What’s good and what’s bad
– Different diets pros & cons
– Sugar vs. fat

corporate sport teams

Participating in sport competitions with a corporate team facilitates, on one side, satisfaction and motivation for sport passionate employees and, on the other side, visibility and awareness among competition’s participants and followers.

Razvan Doica can be the coach of your team, providing appropriate trainings, healthy nutrition, injury avoidance and achievement of goals.

Corporate services

Coach your team!

In the office or in competitions